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Highlands Stable Isotopes (HSI) is a company that focuses its efforts on the development of new isotopically labeled precursors.  These new precursors allow for the facile assembly of any compound. HSI specializes in the synthesis of compounds that can be specifically tailored for your research needs. For example, through the use of these new synthons, chiral L-valine, with chiral differentiation at the methyl groups (13CH2D and 13CD2H), is easily produced. A variety of isotopically tailored natural products have been produced using HSI synthons. HSI is also in the business of providing custom synthesis services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries as well as to government laboratories.  Increasingly in today‚Äôs labeling climate, in addition to site-specific labeling, the burden of stereospecificity has been added to our requirements. This includes both the regio- and stereo- specific labeling of chiral compounds as well as the differentiation of prochiral centers with deuterium or carbon-13. We have developed a large number of synthons that will allow us to address these growing demands. We understand that you have specific research needs, and we are prepared to address them.

Our patented chemical precursors allow us to produce any compound that your research needs dictate. We are able to produce these compounds for you with any level of isotope incorporation that you require.

  • We can develop a new synthesis or use your synthesis for the timely production of your compound.

  • In most cases, our synthetic route to your compound will allow for the isotopic incorporation at any position in your molecule using one uniform pathway.

  • We are happy to discuss how our new synthons can be incorporated into your synthetic schemes to improve your syntheses.

Our Chief Science Officer, Dr. Rodolfo Martinez, served as a staff member at the National Stable Isotope Resource, Los Alamos National Laboratory where he began his work in the development of these new stable isotope labeled precursors. Dr. Martinez has over 28 years of experience in isotope chemistry and he is the principal author on all of these patented compounds. Dr. Martinez and our dedicated staff of quality chemists have a wealth of experience to handle your chemical needs.